At our next meeting on Wednesday 11 March, Marietta Crichton Stuart will be talking about the third Marquess of Bute.

Society publications

Society publications

The society has published a number of books about Falkland:

  • A Falkland Guide, 1988 (reprinted many times)
  • The Stones of Falkland, 1993
  • The Old Streets of Falkland, 1994
  • An Alphabet of Falkland Folk, 1999
  • Falkland Points of View, 2011
  • Falkland during the reign of Queen Victoria 1837–1900

Copies of these can be consulted at Falkland Library, which also contains a collection of photographs of old Falkland (See also

Cover of A Falkland Guide Cover of The Stones of Falkland Cover of An Alphabet of Falkland Folk Cover of Falkland during the reign of Queen Victoria Cover of The Old Streets of Falkland Cover of Falkland Points of View